NEW! VoshMods Audi 1320 Supercharger Airflow Enhancer for 3.0T

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Please note that there will be appropriately 60 days lead time after ordering. 

The VoshMods SAE is fully constructed out of stainless steel and tig welded for maximum strength. Our easy-to-install upgrade can aid in lowering your air intake temperatures, provide faster recovery times and increase fuel economy during daily and spirited driving. How? By simply enhancing the flow of air inside the supercharger. Over 10k miles of alpha and beta testing has been completed.


By design the Audi 1320 Supercharger creates a lot of heat and has many flaws. Arguably the biggest flaw is 2 competing airstreams crashing into each other inside the supercharger.


When the bypass valve is open, and it is open a lot, hot compressed air is bled out of the plenum and dumped directly on top of the cool incoming airstream from the throttle body.  The only time the bypass valve is closed is during wide open throttle. Audi resolved this conflict of air streams in the CERC blower by designing a separate passage for purged air to be redirected into the charge area.  VoshMods SAE (supercharger airflow enhancer) is inspired by the improvements made to the CERC blower and allows you to install the biggest benefit found with the CERC blower in under 10 minutes. 

Here is an example of how the bypass valve functions during driving: 

Straightaway: WOT  (wide open throttle) bypass fully closed

Corner: Light Throttle | bypass mostly open

Straightaway: WOT | bypass fully closed

Soft corner: Hard Throttle | bypass mostly closed

Straightaway: WOT  bypass fully closed

Tight corner: Light Throttle |bypass mostly open

Soft corner: Hard Throttle | Bypass mostly closed

Straight: WOT | bypass fully closed

While the bypass valve is open, purged air from the supercharger plenum is forcefully colliding (at changing velocities) with the incoming cool air stream causing slowdown in air velocity, spikes in heat and lack of efficiency as the 2 airstreams collide. This leads to loss in horsepower and torque as timing gets pulled.  


Here at VoshMods, we thoroughly enjoy testing our products. The SAE has been track-tested, driven over 5,000 miles and tested on a dyno.


Below you will see a comparison of the starting and ending air intake temperatures during 6 dyno pulls. The dyno pulls were performed in a shop with no A/C or insulation with a 92 degree outside temp. There was a 90 second idle in between each pull with a 10 minute break between pulls 3 and 4 to install the ADD. The vehicle used was the VoshMods car- a modded 2014 A6 Prestige. 

Dynos are notorious for causing heat soak due to stagnant air and non-climate controlled environments. To do 6 pulls on a dyno with a forced induction engine, heatsoak and timing pull/hp loss is almost guaranteed.

As you can see, the air intake temperatures rapidly climbed without the ADD installed. With the ADD installed, the intake temperatures climbed much less drastically and recovered remarkably faster. 

Here are the dyno results as graphed by the technician's software. Pulls 1-3 were without the ADD installed and pulls 4-6 were with the ADD installed.


The VoshMods SAE is not magic. During endurance / spirited driving heatsoak will always be a nemesis to this platform however our testing results reveal zero negative effects and nothing but gains.  Unlike an intercooler or heat exchanger which loses efficiency in cooling once it heatsoaks, the VoshMods SAE is static; no matter how cold or how hot temps get, it continues doing its job of separating the purged air stream from the incoming cold air stream.


How do I know the Voshmods SAE fits my Audi Supercharger?

-IF you have a press on supercharger pulley the VoshMods SAE fits your car

-If you have a bolt on style supercharger pulley the VoshMods SAE will not fit

*Please note: Due to a high level of variances in vehicles, modifications and environments, we do not guarantee these results. Individual results will vary.*

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