B8/8.5 / C7 / Q5 REAR Big Baller with 356mmx26mm Girodisc Rotors

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B8/8.5/C7/Q5 Rear Big Baller Kit: Brackets, Calipers & Rotors


This kit is compatible with B8/B8.5/C7 A4,S4,A5,S5,A6,S6,A7,S7, Q5, SQ5

 *Click Here for Installation Instructions*

Product Description:

This is our famous B8 Big Baller kit now available with custom 2- piece Lightweight GiroDisc rotors. The Complete Rear Big Brake Kit in a box. The Audi B8/8.5/C7/Q5 VoshMods UniBracket is direct fit and requires no grinding to seamlessly install the 4 piston caliper (found on Touareg and Cayenne) alongside the Model S Electric Parking brake caliper.

Our kit includes a custom harness that allows for direct installation of the electric parking brake without coding. This kit is designed to accept our 356mmx26mm Lightweight 2-piece Girodisc rotors and is also compatible with Audi A8 356mmx22mm rotors. While the 22mm thick rotor is perfectly compatible to run our kit, the 26mm purpose built Girodisc VoshMods designed rotor allows for full pad contact and 4mm thicker for better heat dissipation for the spirited driver or track enthusiast

Kit Includes:

  • VoshMods B8 Brackets 
  • Custom VoshMods Designed GiroDisc Lightweight 2-piece custom 356mmx26mm rotors
  • Freshly Powder Coated Pair of Rebuilt 4 piston Calipers
  • Pair of Electric Parking Calipers
  • Braided Brake Lines
  • Custom Harness for OEM Fitment of Electric Parking Calipers
  • High-Grade Hardware needed for installation
  • VoshMods Caliper Decals


    We offer premium Powder Coating in the following colors: 

    • Prismatic Powders Astatic Red
    • Prismatic Powders Gloss Black
    • Prismatic Powders Illusion Blue-Burg w/ Prismatic Clear Top Coat
    • Prismatic Powders Porsche Silver w/ Prismatic Clear Top Coat
    • Prismatic Powders Metallic Illusion Orange w/ Prismatic Clear Top Coat
    • Prismatic Powders Metallic Illusion Blue w/ Prismatic Clear Top Coat
    • Prismatic Powders Funco Yellow w/ Prismatic Clear Top Coat

    *Special requests available. Please send us an email at voshmods@gmail.com if you have a special color request. 


      Not Included:

      • Brake Pads

       Please allow for average 90 day  lead time. 
      **Limited Warranty 
      **Liability Release

      Please note that these calipers are refurbished and can show bubbles and signs of outgassing. We make every effort to ensure there are no bubbles on the part of the caliper that shows when mounted but please understand that this is sometimes an unavoidable part of the powder coating process. 
      *Returns are subject to a 25% restocking fee*